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File:WV Interstate.png

Waze Road Type – Freeway (FW)

Name – I-64 N (always 1 way and always include the cardinal direction)

US Route

Waze Road Type – Typically Major Highway (MH) unless FC upgrades

Name – US-60 (if divided/One-Way, include cardinal direction, e.g. US-60 N)

US BUS/SPUR/LOOP are Minor Highway (mH) unless FC upgrades

WV State Route

File:WV Route.png Waze Road Type – Typically Minor Highway (mH)

Name – WV-10 (if divided/One-Way, include cardinal direction, e.g. WV-10 S)

WV BUS/SPUR/LOOP are Primary Street unless FC upgrades

WV County Route

Waze Road Type – Street (unless FC upgrades higher)

Name – CR-2 or CR-2/12


Waze Road Type – Street

Name – not typically used. Only if no name on Street. HARP-901 or HARP 901/20.


Waze Road Type – Based on Functional Classification Only

Name – Alt Name Only if FC upgrades road type to Primary Street or higher. FANS-863

  • Within City Limits, most roads will have a name; use that instead of the Route Designation and put the Route Designation as the Alt Name. Consult County GIS sources or Street View.
  • All FANS Roads are within City Limits. Only put FANS Designation (and always as Alt Name) if FC upgrades to PS or higher.
  • Do not deviate from the road type unless Functional Classification has been applied. Doing so will create issues with routing.