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The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) provides County Highway Maps for each of the 55 Counties in West Virginia (WV). Those County Maps provide information on Route Designation for each road WV maintains. The following are the types of roads typically seen on each of the County Maps and how they should be named and typed in the Waze Map. At this time, WV does not have a clickable Functional Classification (FC) Map. Any questions, please ask in the WV Google Hangout (WV GHO) or Private Message (PM) one of the State Managers.


WV Interstate.PNG

  • Waze Road Type – Freeway (FW)
  • Name – I-64 N (direction is always one-way and always includes the cardinal direction)
  • Lock Level - L5 or higher

US Route

US Route.PNG

  • Waze Road Type – Typically Major Highway (MH) unless FC upgrades
  • Name – US-60 (if divided/One-Way, include cardinal direction, e.g. US-60 N)
  • US BUS/SPUR/LOOP are Minor Highway (mH) unless FC upgrades
  • Lock Level - L4 or higher

WV State Route

WV Route.PNG

  • Waze Road Type – Typically Minor Highway (mH)
  • Name – WV-10 (if divided/One-Way, include cardinal direction, e.g. WV-10 S)
  • WV BUS/SPUR/LOOP are Primary Street unless FC upgrades
  • Lock Level - L3 or higher

WV County Route

WV County Route.PNG

  • Waze Road Type – Street (unless FC upgrades higher)
  • Name – CR-2 or CR-2/12
  • Lock Level - Depends on FC; L1 or higher


WV Harp Route.PNG

  • Waze Road Type – Street
  • Name – not typically used. Only if no name on Street. HARP-901 or HARP 901/20.
  • Lock Level - L1



  • Waze Road Type – Based on Functional Classification Only
  • Name – Alt Name Only if FC upgrades road type to Primary Street or higher. FANS-863
  • Alt name needed so we know that a FC upgrade has been applied to what normally would be "Street" in the Waze Map.
  • Lock Level - Depends on FC; L2 or higher

Functional Classification

WV, at this time, does not have a GIS map that will make decision making as to the proper road type (Street/Primary Street/Minor Highway/Major Highway/Freeway) easy or quick. They do have a list of Federal Aid Roads which includes the roads with a functional classification of minor collector or higher. The issue we have found so far, is it lists that classification by mile markers. We have no sure way of knowing where that classification starts and ends with any great deal of certainty. It can be done with some experience and common sense. Please work with the State Managers to learn more. You can review the complete list here. And Stephen1966 has put together a Google Sheet that translates the list into which roads the classificatio applies to. This is why it's important to have the correct road designation in either the primary or alternate name in order to find a particular road and apply functional classification to it.


  • Within City Limits, most roads should have a name; use that instead of the Route Designation and put the Route Designation as the Alt Name. Consult County GIS sources or Street View.
  • All County Roads have a name; you will need to find it using Street View or County GIS sources. If you cannot find it, then use the Road Designation as the Primary.
  • All FANS Roads are within City Limits. Only put FANS Designation (and always as Alt Name) if FC upgrades to PS or higher.
  • If the Primary Name includes a "city", then any alternate names must include the same city.
  • Do not deviate from the road type unless Functional Classification has been applied. Doing so will create issues with routing.