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Editing in India

Thank you for your interest to improve the Waze Map in India! Waze is a great navigation program, becoming more powerful as more users use it. We need all local information to get the best map possible. So, you too can help improve the Waze Map and become part of the Waze Map Editing Community!

There is one important thing to always keep in mind when you edit the map: Waze is not a topographic map, but a navigation system! [link to improve your skills?] Over the years, the community discovered ways to edit the map in a way that maximizes navigation. Waze relies on a map’s display suitable for a small smart-phone screen. It needs a map that accurately instructs where cars can drive, is simple and clear, and uses real time traffic data bound to the parts on the map. Therefore, we follow the three basic principles "Usability, Simplicity, & Retention"; Make it useful, keep it as simple as possible, and do not delete!

This is the landing page for editing in India. There is some general information about editing, a list of current issues, and a list of topics with links to extended information. For the general basics on editing, there is a Quick-Start Guide provided. With these two pages, everyone should be able to edit constructively in India!

General Information

Not everybody can edit everything and everywhere. For instance, only very experienced editors will have the right to change a freeway. That is to prevent undesirable consequences due to possible errors, having large consequence to the routing for many users. Therefore, Waze has editing ranks and roles defined, that indicates your rights.

The editors joined in the community come together in several ways. There are forums, communication platforms, and there is a chat function in the Waze Map Editor (WME). Try to get in contact with your community, it will provide you with the quickest way of learning how to best edit the map.

In addition, there is this Wiki, providing all necessary information. All pages for Waze India contain the tabs on top, so you will not get lost. If you are opening pages outside the Indian pages, be aware that guidelines may differ. When editing in India, the guidelines of India always precede!

As you read through the information, you might encounter words that are not familiar. In the glossary all terms are explained.

We are all volunteers, working hard to make Waze the best free navigation system possible. If you have any question or suggestion, please contact the community in India.

How to start

First of all, read the whole paragraph of this Wiki about editing in India and make yourself acquainted with the basic editing technics described in the Quick-Start. Then, start improving your home area. You know best how to drive in your area. Ask the community on how things can be handled if Waze acts differently than you expect. If you are satisfied with your home area, check the connecting roads from your town to the nearest towns and, subsequently, to Major Highways and Freeways. This is also the moment to consider applying for Area Management.

You may as well apply for a mentor, who can guide you through the learning process, just ask your community. When you are advanced, you might want to quickly look up extensive information about specific editing topics. Than, you’ll find the WME Table of content useful.

Wishing you fun!

Current issues

  • We are upgrading the road network to enable longer routes
  • There are big problems with Smudged cities, causing saving errors
  • Due to the import of maps, many junctions need to be fixed for good instructions (link to be added)
  • There is almost no street view available in India
  • There are NO public sources allowed to use for editing. Even the government prohibits the use of their maps
  • References to military areas are not allowed
  • general issues with the app

Table of topics




Pages and links that need to be checked/updated