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* '''DOB :''' 1981
* '''DOB :''' 1981
* '''Waze Profile :''' Currently Rank 5 editor State manager in WA, joined Waze in 2011, started editing in 2013.
* '''Waze Profile :''' Currently Rank 5 State Manager in WA, joined Waze in 2011, started editing in 2013.
* '''Location :''' Birchbay, WA
* '''Location :''' Birchbay, WA

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  • Name : Brandin Reynolds
  • DOB : 1981
  • Location : Birchbay, WA
  • Profession : CNC programmer/IT support for Montigo Del Ray Corp. Creating custom fireplaces.
  • Hobbies : Downhill biking, hiking, snowboarding, camping, pvp gaming. Love BMW's. In my spare time I fix broken cellphones/tablets/computers.
  • Waze skills : Good at understanding routing issues including address locations and place updates in the map. I have a good understanding of the current practices with map editing in general and the map practices in WA state.
  • Waze accomplishments : Helping create the current Functional Classification in WA.Set up all the national parks in forest in the state.
  • Current projects : Setting up speed limits in Whatcom and Skagit county and well as most major freeways/highways in the state. Setting editor locks to all schools, parks, hospitals, police stations, fire stations and colleges in the state so they can retain there current information and location.