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Clock over a larger globe


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Here's how to make an imagemap:

  • Upload the image to the wiki.
  • Right click on "original image" and copy image URL
  • Go to the online imagemap editor
  • In the 'OR an image on the Internet box,past the image URL and hit the accept on that line.
  • Select "wiki imagmap"
  • Start drawing
  • When you are done, copy everything out of the box into a simple editor like notepad
  • Starting at the first rectangle or polygon
    • replace all [[ with [
    • replace all |]] with ]
    • replace all | with " "
    • replace all ]] with ]
  • Correct the image.
    It says something like
    You want it to say Image:HowToMakeAnImagemap.png
    • Use parameters you would use with any image link.
    • Use thumb or frameless if you want to control size