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Poweruser10 can be reached by private message.

Base Map Triage Editing

Imported Map Discussion

Base Map Clean Up

Since all of you have areas (or soon to have areas) with a lot of base map (maps that are close to original from the initial loading in 2009), I would like to give you some pointers.

First look at Edits to Avoid

  1. Have the Validator Script installed, here is the link for Chrome
  2. Be sure to have the WME Validator Localization for Wisconsin
  3. County Road Classification:
    • A lot of county roads are classified as streets. It is really important to classify them as at least PS (primary Streets), lock to L2, and change the name according to the normalization convention for Wisconsin: CH-SS or CH-X or CH-CH, etc.
    • Keep in mind that many County Highways in Wisconsin co-mingle, or are multi-named. Again, follow the wiki for naming the roads and maintaining the Alternate name. We like to delete the old convention naming like Co Hwy-S or CR-S or Co Rd S--they get deleted in the alternate names as well, but add the new convention before deleting the old. If you forget or aren't sure, hit cancel and start over or even refresh your browser without saving.
    • The WME Validator Localization for Wisconsin will highlight roads that are misnamed, not properly locked or Have unconfirmed turns
      It is a good idea to check the county map, download from State of Wisconsin website. Check for correct naming as well. I recently had to re-route WIS-13 north of Wisconsin Rapids following the maps from this website. It is a good idea to discuss re-routing on the WI GHO before proceeding.
    • State highways should be at least mH (minor highway), refer to the wiki for street types, ask questions. mH is locked to L2.
  4. Road Direction You will find a lot of roads that are one way or unknown direction. The vast majority will become 2-way. Also, most driveways get deleted. Delete the extraneous junctions as well. You will find a lot of driveways around lake fronts. Most of these get deleted as well.
  5. Extra geo nodes: Remove excess geo nodes as this loads the server. Highlighting a segment and pressing the number 1 removes all geo nodes. Holding down D and hovering over unwanted nodes deletes them individually. Personally for a 25 MPH, 90° curve, I will do a geo node at the very start of the turn on both ends, then drag the middle to the center of the curve, then divide each of the two legs in half again to make a smooth turn. This method makes a curve with five geo nodes.

The above is my opinion and is there to help with the task of cleaning up base map. Note: It will take multiple passes to get it all up to standard. We will learn as we go.

First Assignment

(as found in the skill sheets sent to each of you):

Before You Start. K.I.S.S
Look at the WME Reference Sheet
Familiarize yourself with the Forum
Read the wiki on the Waze Map Editor
Interface 1 - Permalink
Learn how or make sure you understand the Waze Map Editor/Permalink
Interface 2
Layers and Chat
Be sure you have the chat add-on loaded)
Interface 3
WME Toolbar
Status, Tile Updates, Points
Your Rank and Points:
Map Updates:

Thanks for your willingness to participate!

Feel free to discuss among yourselves, the Wisconsin Mentor HO and/or the Wisconsin Editors and AMs HO.