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User:Rickzabel/User Reply Instructions

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User Reply Instructions

When logging onto the Waze editor for the first time it is not obvious how to reply to the editor’s requests for more information, this document lists all of the steps a user would have to figure out in order to reply.

The link the script generates has the following layers enabled satellite imagery, roads, update requests, and live users. over all most of the responses I have been getting have been to the reminder messages.

This is the email that Waze Sends users when we request more information.

When you click on the Waze editor link it will take you to the login screen. You can see that update requests are disabled. So users will not be able to see their pins.

When you are logged in for the first time you are taken to the area when the request was made.

Notice by default the Update Request Layer is turned off! This is a local setting to your browser the next time you login this layer will be on unless your browsers data is cleared.!

After enabling the update request layer the pin will show up on the map.

Clicking on the pin will open the request.

To reply to the editors you have to click on the conversation button, to expand the conversation area then enter your response and then click send.