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Place Editing

Place Update Requests (PUR) should be reviewed for accuracy; once approved, all relevant information pertaining to the place should be added/entered. Please use each company's website to gather all the information you can. Once a place is complete please lock to the General Standards for Place Locking in West Virginia. It is strongly recommended you install and use WMEPH on each place to ensure standardization.

Following are general standards for place locking in West Virginia:

Place Type Minimum Lock Level
Area/Point Places 2
Gas Stations 3
Hospital/Medical Care 4
Fire Department 4
Police Station 4
Airports 4
Parking Lots 3

Naming Standards

PLACE NAMING STANDARDS/HARMONIZATION IS CURRENTLY UNDER NATIONAL REVIEW. The most up to date information has been entered into WMEPH. It is highly recommended to use this addon when doing place editing.

We are standardizing the naming of most public facilities and businesses. This makes search results more consistent and useful, and gives Wazers a more professional and uniform experience. The names have been designed to work well with instant search, regular search, and to be clear and concise in the map display. Please follow these guidelines when naming the places described below.

Places which are part of a larger area place (e.g. separate ER entrances in a hospital area, etc.) should be named with their unique name followed by a hyphen and the name of the larger area they belong to. For example "ER - J. W. Ruby Memorial Hospital"

Hospitals/Urgent Care Clinics

Should follow this wiki page

Use the official name as the Primary Name. Put any local/colloquial names, if known, as alternate.

J. W. Ruby Memorial Hospital

Alt Name: WVU Hospital ° United Hospital Center Alt Name: UHC

Government Agencies

All places for the following agencies should be named according to the standards as follows:

City and County Offices: City or County Name followed by City Hall or Department or Agency as appropriate, for example:

  • Clarksburg City Hall
  • Marion County Courthouse
  • Monongalia County Recycling Center

Police and Sheriff Department: City, Agency or Division Name followed by Police Dept or Sheriff Dept. For the West Virginia State Police, put the name of the detachment at the end. For example:

  • Morgantown Police Dept
  • Monongalia County Sheriff Dept
  • West Virginia State Police - Morgantown

Fire Department: Agency Name or abbreviation followed by Fire Dept and the station name or number. For example:

  • Morgantown Fire Dept - South Side Station
  • Charleston Fire Dept - Station 8
  • Westover Volunteer Fire Dept

United States Postal Service: Use the official name from; , then append “Post Office”. Alternate name should be “USPS”. Place the City name and the ZIP code of the Post Office in the Description box, so it will be view-able in the app GO page. For example:

  • Downtown Morgantown Post Office
    • Alt Name: USPS
    • Description: Morgantown / 26505
  • Station C Post Office
    • Alt Name: USPS
    • Description: Charleston / 25387
  • Southridge Centre Post Office
    • Alt Name: USPS
    • Description: South Charleston / 25309

US VA Hospitals/Centers/Clinics: Follow the hospital guidelines plus the following naming conventions below. If it is not clear that these places are for Veterans Only, preface the name with V.A. (with the periods so the TTS does not conflict with Virginia). Add VA (without the periods) as alternate name to aid in searches. Spell out CBOC (Community Based Outpatient Clinic). Also expand Vet to Veterans to avoid ambiguity with Veterinary Services.

  • V.A. - Martinsburg Medical Center
    • Alt Name: VA - Martinsburg Medical Center
  • V.A. - Petersburg Community Based Outpatient Clinic
    • Alt Name: VA - Petersburg Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Greenbrier County V.A. Clinic
    • Alt Name: Greenbrier County VA Clinic

Note: Vet Centers are not hospitals

  • Princeton Veterans Center