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  • State Manager for West Virginia*
  • Area Manager for Hampton Roads, Virginia*

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Residential Place Points and House Numbers and Searching

The waze engine house numbers index contains all the house numbers you see in the editor's house numbers layer. Some of the house numbers were added by users and some were imported. The index is updated during the tile build process.

When searching for a specific number, Waze prioritizes as follows:

  1. Residential Place with that specific number.
  2. Waze House Number added by a user or imported and 'bumped' by an editor.
  3. Google Maps location.
  4. Imported (untouched) Waze House the last resort.

The address in a Public Place is not used by the search. It is only used for display purposes when you search by name in order to help the user determine correct destination selection. When the user searches by the address of the Public Place they will end up with third party result since we don't normally add house numbers or Residential Place Points (RPP) for Public Places. Adding an RPP for every Public Place with known address is discouraged as it is a lot of extra effort and a LOT of extra data for Waze to store and search. If needed to solve a UR, however, add an RPP with the address number. It is also a good idea to explain to the reporter that searching by name works better to get Waze results for best routing.