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(8/5/15) On a whim, decided to go back through old PMs and scroll back in some GHOs to put together a little timeline of my history as a Waze editor. Missing a few events that impacted me personally, but the significant events are fairly well complete. It's a work in progress...

7 Aug 2014 - Joined forums and WME and created my first red roads.

9 Aug 2014 - Wondering why my segments were red and all the others were white...found the wiki and let the light shine in. I'm an avid reader, especially when I get interested in a hobby. So I fixed my red roads and continued to read and read and read some more.

11 Aug 2014 (R1) - First unlock/update request. Fixing military base gate (military base fixes in Hampton Roads, Virginia?...go figure) (Reference Link)

12 Aug 2014 - Found WMECH & WME Validator. Started fixing Validator report problems. I heard about WMETB & JNF, but chose to fix things manually for awhile so as to better understand what the tools were doing for me.

29 Aug 2014 (R2) - Mapped out Norfolk Naval Shipyard (Military Base) at request of RC. Made a few small errors, but quickly corrected. (Reference Link)

24 Sep 2014 (R2, 12k edits): Requested first AM area with PL to Zoom=0 at Chesapeake/Virginia Beach, VA (i.e. home).

~14 Oct 2014 - AM Granted + R3.

10 Nov 2014 - Joined my first Map Raid assigned to Staten Island, NY (where I used to live).

~16 Nov 2014 - Applied to formal mentor program.

30 Nov 2014 - MojaveCactusMonkey(MCM) volunteered to be Mentor.

15 Dec 2014 - Expanded area to cover all Hampton Roads.

22 Feb 2015 - Promoted to R4

19 April 2015 (R4) - Expanded area to cover all of Virginia + DC in order to better assist the VA SM.

20 June 2015 (R4) - MCM sent out some PMs on my behalf asking that I be allowed to join the M2.0 program as a "junior mentor". I would be one of very few non-SM/R5 mentors.

26 June 2015 (R4) - Appointed SM of WV (along with Todd/roadtechie and with assistance/oversight from TerryPurdue). Area expanded a little bit to complete coverage of WV.

27 Jun 2015 (R4) - Joined M2.0 as a Mentor.

10 Aug 2015 - Promoted to R5

9 May 2016 - Promoted to CM