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  • Joined Waze: 1 July 2014
  • Location: Greater Omaha Area
  • Editing Level: 4
  • State Manager: Wyoming | Nebraska (Asst.)
  • Area Manager: Las Vegas, NV
  • Beta Tester: Waze iOS | Waze Map Editor
  • Map Raids: Melbourne, AU | Venezuela MMR | Turkey mMR | Poland MMR

About Me

Hello fellow Wazers! I am a State Manager for Wyoming and Nebraska. I am also an Area Manager in Las Vegas. I am a SysAdmin, former USAF SSgt and formerly a civilian police officer. I look forward to continuing to make the app better by providing quality edits.

Interstates that I have traveled on
Interstate H1 Interstate H2 Interstate H3 Interstate 4 Interstate 10 Interstate 15 Interstate 20 Interstate 25 Interstate 29 Interstate 35 Interstate 35E
Interstate 35W Interstate 40 Interstate 44 Interstate 49 Interstate 55 Interstate 70 Interstate 75 Interstate 76 Interstate 80 Interstate 90 Interstate 95
U.S. Highways that I have traveled on
US Route 1 US Route 6 US Route 14 US Route 19 US Route 20 US Route 24 US Route 26 US Route 27 US Route 275 US Route 30 US Route 34 US Route 40 US Route 50 US Route 59 US Route 60
US Route 61 US Route 62 US Route 63 US Route 65 US Route 71 US Route 75 US Route 77 US Route 81 US Route 83 US Route 85 US Route 87 US Route 90 US Route 93 US Route 95 US Route 98