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  • (10/23/15) On a whim, decided to go back through old PMs and scroll back in some GHOs to put together a little timeline of my history as a Waze editor. Missing a few events that impacted me personally, but the significant events are fairly well complete. It's a work in progress...

27 Jul 2014 - Joined forums and WME ~22 Aug 2014 - R2 17 Sep 2014 - Requested first AM area 29 Sep 2014 - AM Granted + R3. 30 Dec 2014 - ND AM requested 21 Dec 2014 - Joined my first Map Raid (LA) 08 Jan 2015 - AM granted for ND 19 Jan 2015 - Expanded area to cover all Greater Richmond. 05 Mar 2015 - Expanded area to cover all of Central Virginia. 12 May 2015 - Promoted to R4 28 May 2015 - Statewide AM in ND 16 Aug 2015 - Applied to formal mentor program. 16 Aug 2014 - Stephen/Terry volunteered to be Mentor. 23 Sep 2015 - Appointed SM of VA (along with ct13.) 23 Sep 2015 - Promoted to R5 06 Oct 2015 - Joined M2.0 as a Mentor.