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User:Voludu2/Welcoming New Editors

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This is a work in progress. Please help work this out at: or to type the right stuff right here.

When you see red roads, unnecessary parking lots, and other common editing mistakes -- celebrate. When you see a really basic question in chat -- joyfully welcome the new editor.

We all want to see these new editors switch from messing up the map to fixing up the map as quickly as possible. How do we get important information to them as quickly as possible?

What to do

  • When an editor asks a basic question like "How do I stop making this parking lot?", don't answer. Visit. If they don't know that, they don't know much. But you can help. Share the Welcome page. Inspect their work. Get them to use permalinks. Point them at relevant sections of Best Practices or Common editing mistakes.
  • When you spot a new editor red-handed making errors anywhere on the map, try to flag them down no matter where they are on the map.
    • If they are deleting or otherwise breaking roads, get a high-level editor to help lock the area down immediately.
    • Otherwise, try the usual tedious and generally ineffective methods of flagging down new editors: "dance party", "road art", "delete their work", and "circle the URs".
  • When you see an editor's recent work, but can't find the editor in chat, send a friendly "welcome to waze editing" message. Then forward that message to the state manager in that area.
  • When an editor doesn't answer your PM, and doesn't seem to be learning, contact the state manager again, and if you don't get a response from the state manager, contact a regional coordinator.


Welcome-to-editing PM

Hello <insert name here>!

[url=]Welcome to Waze Editing[/url]! I'm glad to see you editing in the <region> area. We can really use the help.

I would like to see you connected to the community of PA editors sharing tips, tricks, and best practices for really making the map work for wazers. Please reply to this PM to find out more. And remember to check in on chat the next time you edit -- introduce yourself as a new editor, and you'll get plenty of help.

Thanks for your help with the map.

Some common references:

  • [url=]Rank 1 skill slides[/url]
  • [url=]Best Practices[/url]
  • [url=]Common Mistakes[/url].
  • [url=]Creating and editing road segments[/url]