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Our main goal is adding roads and improving connectivity and adding route numbers to Troncales (interstate roads; Major Highways) and locales (state roads; minor Highways)
Other missions are: solve URs and PURs, approve places, and general map verification.

  • Check road connectivity, direction and road numbers of all numbered roads (troncales and locales).
    • Numbered roads must be named in the correct format. Please see the Local Guide for more details, or ask a local editor.
  • Check the existence, direction, and connectivity of other roads.
    • Use GIS files, aerial photos, and other approved sources of information.
    • Be careful before deleting a road. Even if it does not exist in the GIS files or aerials, it could exist and be a newly-built road. Please consult your group leader. Only delete a segmeent when you are absolutely sure that it does not exist.
    • If the road is already named, please check that the name has proper format according to the guidelines below. Only approved sources of information are allowed for giving names to roads. Adding names to roads is not a priority of this mapraid.
  • If part of a road is a bridge, add it. See the Elevation section of this page.
  • Add the PLR (Parking Lot Roads) of the shopping malls and drive-thrus.
  • Add U-turns where needed.
  • Report badly written city names.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you see any further problems, please fix them!