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User talk:CBenson/Routing penalties

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What do we know affects routing?

Speed Data

  • 1)Segment, 2)Turn
  • 1)Default, 2)Historic, 3)Realtime

Client Navigation Settings

  • Avoid Toll Roads,
  • Avoid Freeways,
  • Dirt Roads,
  • Type,
  • Vehicle Type

Segment Properties

  • Road Type
  1. Promotion / Demotion
  2. Default Speed Data
  3. Pruning Effects
  4. Specific Road Types
         a) Freeway (in conjunction with Avoid freeway client setting)
b) Dirt Road/4X4 Trail (in with Dirt Road client setting)
c) Private Road and Parking Lot Road (to penalize through routing)
d) Non-Drivable types
  • Segment Restrictions
  1. By time
  2. By vehicle type (in conjunction with Vehicle Type in client setting)
  • Road Properties
  1. Toll Road (in conjunction with Avoid Toll Road client setting)
  • Road Direction
  1. One Way
  2. Unknown
  • Lock Status?
  • Closures
  1. From Client
  2. From Editor
  • Turn Restrictions
  1. Hard/Soft
  2. By Time
  3. By vehicle type (in conjunction with Vehicle Type in client setting)
  • Road Configurations
  1. U-turn detection/prevention
  2. Big Detour Prevention
  3. Small Detour Prevention
  • Junction Box

Type of Route Generation

  • Original route
  • Recalulated route
  • Add a stop route
  • Client generated route
  • (Live Map route)