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Note: New feature requests are welcome to be shared here however it is preferred that any Feature Requests/Changes be posted in the appropriate forums .

ID Tags Component Description Date Username
1 #tolls #cost Client In the routing options, there should be an option where customer is shown the total cost of toll for that route. This would give users option to choose a route based not only time and distance, but also toll cost. 01/01/2014 Unknown
2 #schedule #events Client - Navigation you could set up a schedule (or have the app interface with the calendar app for those who travel around) and set up prep/buffer time so that the alert is delivered with enough time to make the decision to wait it out, take an alternate route, speed up getting ready, etc. A snooze feature would be awesome too - so that you can check again if it's better or worse. Supporting both of these scenarios ("trying to leave by XX:XX" and "need to get there by XX:XX") would be incredible. One last thing - the ability to set up holidays (when you specifically do NOT want to receive alerts, for vacation, work holiday, etc.). 01/01/2014 Jeterdawg, kenahoo:+1, Phil:+1
3 #SpeedLimit Client Display Posted Speed Limits in Waze 01/01/2014 Unknown
4 #reports #hazards Client - Reports Add vehicle in road & new weather/road conditions 01/01/2014 Unknown
5 #navigation #search Client - Navigation/Search Ability to specify default search engine in navigation search 01/01/2014 sibejan
6 #routing #navigation Client - Navigation There should be more options for alternate routes when choosing the "routes" option. I have 3-4 ways home from work all on minor highways or major roads, and I Waze never suggests anything other than two highway routes. 01/01/2014 Unknown
7 #dashboard #favorites Client/Dashboard - Favorites It would be very helpful to be able to enter/edit Favorites on the Web page (My Dashboard), not just on the phone. 01/01/2014 sibejan, fredomx:+1, Dhrun:+1
8 #routing #gasstations Client - Gas Stations I was thinking the other day about how this app could help me plan out my fuel station stops (every 325 miles) on long trips. Could you add a feature to suggest Gas Stations with the cheapest gas along my entire route instead of just around me 01/01/2014 Phil
9 #hazards #countdown #reports Client - Reports A hazard ahead distance countdown dialog should not be overtaken another hazard further up the road. I often lose the chance to thank / not there hazards along busy roadways. 01/01/2014 amoebob

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