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Venezuela/Road Classification

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(Autopistas) =  Freeway  (FW)

Roads More than 2 lanes in each direction , Which possess few Intersections and don't have traffic lights.

Major Highway / High Traffic Road / Primary Road

(Carretera Primaria / Troncal) =  Major Highway  (MH)

Divided roads, with 2 one-way lanes for each direction, having few intersections and traffic lights, They allow rapid movement. Categorize inter State roads( Troncales in spanish) under this system too, (provided that these are roads usually two-way, connecting the major cities and towns and cross several states) they are marked in maps like this symbol and inside the road number

simbolo via troncal

Minor Highway / Medium traffic Roads / Secondary Road

(Carretera Secundaria / Local)= Minor Highway  (mH)

Often divided roads, with 2 one-way lanes for each direction. They have many intersections and/or traffic lights, the speed is moderate. Also applies to Local roads (provided that these are two-way, connecting towns within a state ) they are marked in map like this symbol and inside the road number


(Rampa) =  Ramp  (Ramp)

Roads connecting routes 2 elevation levels or routes of entry or departure of some exchangers or distributors. Note that sometimes, instead of ramps, same-type roads are used with “doglegs” to generate the right instructions.

Primary Street

(Calle principal) =  Primary Street  (PT)

Often divided roads, with 2 one-way lanes for each direction. Used for downtown's busiest and most important roads within a sector, community, town or city.


(Calles)=  Street  (ST)

Mostly undivided roads (1 two-way segment) for normal traffic.

Dirt Road / 4x4 Trails

(Calles de tierra o vías 4x4) =  Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail  (DR)

All unpaved roads are classified as dirt roads in Venezuela.

Parking Lot Road

(Vías de estacionamientos) =  Parking Lot Road  (PLR)

Map the main roads of parking lots: the entrance and exit, and the main roads within the parking lot if necessary for routing.

Private Road

(Calles privadas)=  Private Road  (PR)

Private streets where traffic is limited.