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<center>[[Waze_Version_3.5|Back to Waze Version 3.5]]</center>
<center>[[Waze_Version_3.5|Back to Waze Version 3.5]]</center>

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Back to Waze Version 3.5

To view Facebook friends who are currently connected to Waze, select the main menu, then “My Waze”:

IMG 1147.jpg

And then My friends:

IMG 1222Friends.png

In this window, see all friends currently connected (as indicated by a green dot), and the status of those connected recently.

IMG 1275.jpeg

What exactly can they see?

1. Friends see you on the map when you’re close to each other. We’ll show you on the map, along with your Facebook picture, to your friends when you both within 1 kilometer of each other. Your exact location will be offset.

Friends who aren’t physically close to you can never see you on the map, or find out where you are. It’s impossible zoom out or scan the map to find your friends.

2. Friends see when you’re driving to the same destination, along with your ETA. We show your destination to the people who you’re likely to run into when you get there: friends headed there right now too. If you drop a parking pin when you arrive, arriving friends will see where you’ve parked.

While they know where you’re headed, there’s no way for them to see where you are, or the route you’re driving to get there.

3. Your connection status. Whether you’re currently online, driving, recently parked, or when you last connected to Waze. These are visible through the ‘Friends’ screen which you can access from the main menu, or while navigating by tapping your ETA. A recent report may be shown here as well.

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