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Washington/Mapping resources

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Helpful notes

  • [Grays Harbor county]: If you run into roads with names that are only five digit numbers (like 14670), this is because of the basemap import for the area, which just seems to have some issues. If you want to know what the actual name for a road with one of these numerical codes is (because some of them will have multiple alt names, so it can be difficult to know which is the 'right' one), download this link: [1] This PDF file is found on a website and contains translations for those five digit codes to 'the correct name for a street'.

  • In Whatcom and Skagit county the aerial satellite view is shifted north from the edge of Sedro-Woolley all the way north into the edge of Kendall. It goes about 10 miles East. Links showing map shift here [view 1]: [view 2]: Road geometry should be left alone until aerial view is fixed.