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Waze permissions on Android and their purpose

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When installing waze on your device, you give it permission to access :

- Hardware controls (audio settings, audio record path, taking pictures and videos with the camera). Allows you to modify the routing volume, attach sound & photo to reports and initiate voice commands.

- Your location (via GPS & network-based sources). Allows waze to plan a navigation to your chosen destination from your current location.

- Network communication. Allows you to use the full potential of waze, and share real-time traffic data.

- Your personal information (read contact data). Allows you to navigate directly to a specific contact and share locations & destinations.

- Storage (modify/delete USB & SD card contents). Use SD card capacity for Waze application data in order to reduce usage of the internal phone memory

- System tools (system's settings data). Allows waze to prevent the device from sleeping.