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Community Wishlist
ID User Name Component Description Date Status
1 Client Ability to track exactly where your kids/spouse is and where they are headed. 2010-05-10 TBD
2 Client Route them home with a msg "Dinner is ready". 2010-05-10 TBD
3 Client Small html code to embed in Myspace/Facebook to show friends where you are when they are online. 2010-05-10 TBD
4 Client Setup addresses/places your kids shouldn't be and get sent alerts via e-mail/sms if they go there. 2010-05-10 TBD
5 Client Ability to see where your friends are and how fast they are going. 2010-05-10 TBD
6 Client Ability to suggest a meeting point and agree on going there. 2010-05-10 TBD
7 Client More voices to pick from instead of the guy voice all the time maybe switch it up with a girl voice. 2010-05-10 TBD
8 Client voices Support for more languages. 2010-05-10 TBD
9 Client Take it another step ahead and make it so you can record a small mp3 file along with a picture with whats going on. 2010-05-10 TBD
10 Client Allow users to turn on "Chat" and talk to each other like on Ventrilo "Within your area" or which ever community they decide. 2010-05-10 TBD
11 Client option to have more information displayed about us when people in our community click on us like "AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, ect..." 2010-05-10 TBD
12 Client option to setup the type of car we are driving in case we drive by one another and want to look for them, maybe in profile set the color, make, and model of your vehicle. 2010-05-10 TBD
13 Client option to take a picture of our car and when someone clicks on us in the client it'll show up so they can see who we are on the road. 2010-05-10 TBD
14 Client AGive us a more detailed report on waze users speed instead of under 10 over 40mph. 2010-05-10 TBD
15 Client Adding sound for when you receive a ping from someone. 2010-05-10 TBD
16 Client More Info on reporting errors just by going through the menu, in case you are driving and can't type. 2010-05-10 TBD
17 Client Being able to move the report about 20 yards or so in case you was just passing by. 2010-05-10 TBD
18 Client When a user reports a police officer, or a hazard allow other waze users as they pass to click on the report and say "if the police officer or hazard is still there". 2010-05-10 TBD
19 Client Give us warnings when exceeding the speed limit. 2010-05-10 TBD
20 Cartouche Add the option to enter what the speed limit is on roads in Cartouche. 2010-05-10 TBD
21 Client Add report wrong speed limit in the waze client. 2010-05-10 TBD
22 Client Tell us how far away till the speed limit changes, or if it is unknown. 2010-05-10 TBD
23 Client/Cartouche Ability to mark an area in Cartouche and have it show up on the client and drive out to that area to fix a problem or to insure there is nothing wrong with that area 2010-05-10 TBD
24 forum Adding a inbox / outbox from the forums to the client, that way when the area managers can't figure out what needs fixed then they can send a message to the user "in case they don't check the forums" and find out what was wrong and allow them to reply! 2010-05-10 TBD
25 Cartouche Given our area's our own sub area under community then the state/area to communicate with the user's in our area and work/talk out problems with the maps and whatever else they need help with. 2010-05-10 TBD
26 Client Be able to record the route you drive and have the permalink automatically put in the Tweeter/Facebook status. (its possible manual but would be nice automatic) 2010-05-10 TBD
27 Cartouche a Waze "Ventrilo" Server so we can talk to each other instead of waiting for someone to post on the forums 24/7 we can login and see whos online and just talk to people while we edit maps. 2010-05-10 TBD
28 Client Being able to take the Waze Client with a phone, or a ipod with no connection to the internet and log information to it then come back to a Wifi connection and upload the data. 2010-05-10 TBD
29 Client would like the ability to edit maps on the go instead of waiting for a computer, be able to use the client to edit the maps maybe a edit mode 2010-05-10 TBD
30 Client ability to hit a "pause" or "off road" button so when we stop for gas and pull over we don't trigger a false traffic report. 2010-05-10 TBD
31 Client The ability to setup how often to refresh traffic info, and other waze users on your client. 2010-05-10 TBD